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Ever wonder what it would be like to live and work on a glacier? In Alaska? Come join our team!

Work with glacier team members to create a memorable experience for guests with sled dogs who LOVE what they do. Not only will you get to meet people from all over the world, but you will also get to be one on one with past and future Iditarod Mushers, sled dog puppies and sled dogs in training.

There will be lots to learn and we are happy to share with you! Our passion for mushing and the North Country is exemplified by the personal attention guests receive from our staff. As an Alaskan Family Owned and Operated Business, we strive to present guests with an authentic Alaskan Experience.

The Employee Experience. Fly to camp in a helicopter for your week at work. The glacier camp is ready for you. Our camps are fully equipped with housing, sled dogs and a camp chef.

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Let’s Cover The Perks

  • Work with a family-owned company
  • Create memorable experiences to have for a lifetime
  • Cuddle puppies!!!
  • Learn to Mush Meet and make new friends
  • All Meals are provided by a full-time camp cook in camp
  • There are Performance Bonuses for Mushers
  • End of season bonus for completing the season
  • Possible comp tours on other Alaskan Adventures
  • Pro Deal Gear Discounts
  • Tips. While they are NOT solicited, as in all service industries they do occur
  • Creating lifelong friends
  • Commute to work every week in a helicopter – dependent on position.
  • You also get to be part of an experience that comes with a long history.  Learn from past and future Iditarod mushers, handlers, and sled dogs.

Hiring begins in January.
You are encouraged to apply early.

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Positions & Descriptions

We pride ourselves on our team’s ability to work together and execute operations safely and effectively, even in remote settings. All employees receive extensive training for situational awareness and helicopter safety, and work with our helicopter partners, to deliver the premier glacier dog-sledding experience in Alaska. Responsibilities vary and require flexibility for tour quality and safety. All employees participate in daily chores and maintenance, with the exception of the camp chef. After time off, they also help clean crew housing before returning to the dog camp.

Explore opportunities and apply to join our remarkable crew.

Assistant Manager

A minimum of 2 years’ experience with Alaska Icefield Expeditions is required for this position.

The Assistant Manager is responsible for:

  • assisting in all aspects of camp operation
  • performing under the direction of the Camp Manager
  • completing tasks as assigned

Supporting the Camp Manager with daily duties, the Assistant Manager serves as Camp Manager in time of absence, remaining in camp. Duties include but are not limited to managing camp during manager absence, loading and unloading helicopters, presenting client safety information, assisting with kitchen duties and cooking during chef absence, general camp maintenance, dog handling, tour and photography facilitation, trail clean up and grooming, and managerial duties as assigned from Camp Manager.

Camp Cook

The Camp Cook works independently in remote conditions, under the direction of the Camp Manager, preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to camp schedule for a crew of 20-25 employees.

The Camp Cook is responsible for:

  •  kitchen operations
  • maintaining sufficient groceries in camp
  • scheduling, ordering, and confirming grocery and kitchen re-supply with the Ground Expeditors
  • menu planning, recipes, and preparation

Camp Cook delivers a well-balanced diet consisting of ‘meat and potato’ fare with plenty of fruits and vegetables, taking into account allergies, dietary requests, and camp preference.

Camp Cooks maintain 7-10 days of dedicated food supply in reserve and display menu flexibility, taking into account product on hand, re-supply considerations, and operational cost. The kitchen is used by the crew throughout the day, the Camp Cook provides a warm and inviting reprieve from daily operations, necessitating a positive attitude and restraint. Camp Cooks must possess, present, and maintain their Alaska Food Worker Card and facilitate kitchen operations according to ADEC standards at all times. 

Dog Musher

Some prior dog mushing experience is required. A Dog Musher is responsible for conducting dog-sled tours in a safe, responsible, and professional manner.

Dog Mushers execute tours at the direction of Camp Management. In addition to husbandry and care, Dog Mushers present friendly, safety, and interpretive dialog to guests in the areas of Alaskana, Glaciology, and the history of Dog-Mushing. Executing tours on equipment configured for passenger travel, Dog Mushers introduce the dog-team to guests and demonstrate safety mechanisms and precautions prior to sled loading.

Dog Mushers are responsible for the care and well being of each individually assigned sled dog and corresponding yard’s maintenance and cleaning. 

Expeditor (This is not a Glacier position)

Expeditors work as a team supporting their respective camp by way of facilitating and maintaining operational communications between camp, tour dispatch and management.

Communications revolve around anticipated, planned, and spontaneous camp and tour needs with regard to Guests, Crew and the Dogs. Expeditors must be physically in shape and safety minded, as they frequently lift up to 50 lb containers into helicopters.

Expeditors work as a team in each location under the direct supervision of the respective Base and Camp Manager with daily, weekly, and monthly reporting initiatives communicated with to the Office Manager. Clerical demands necessitate competent computer skills in word, excel, web-based search engines, web-based forms, and the Google business platform.

Daily schedules include additional duties as assigned with the weather and camp needs ultimately dictating responsibilities.

Snow Cat Driver

The Snow Cat Driver has the responsibility of:

  • operation
  • management
  • maintenance of the AIE Snow Cat
  • experience operating snow grooming equipment or tracked vehicles is a plus (Hagglunds BV206)
  • provide day-to-day operations of the Snow Cat vehicle
  • effectively maintain and operate equipment.

This includes grooming, maintenance, tour operations, and camp logistics. The Snow Cat Driver coordinates tours & timing with Camp Management executing tours with diligence toward safety and the cost of operating the equipment.

Tour Attendant-Photographer-Handler (TAPH)

This is an entry level position with no experience necessary as we will provide the training.

Some of the TAPH job duties include:

  • loading/unloading helicopters
  • taking action photos of guests
  • helping tour guides

The tour attendant has the duties of a sled dog handler to include proper care and maintenance of dogs including harnessing. Tour Attendants will work throughout the glacier camp to meet the needs of the day. You may be assigned different duties on any given day at the Camp Manager’s discretion.

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