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Mendenhall Glacier – Juneau

Meet our talented dog mushers who lead thrilling adventures through the breathtaking Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau. Learn about their skills, passion, and love for their sled dogs.

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Jon McCandless

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Alec Black Bear

Alec Black Bear comes to AIE from Big Sky, Montana, working for Yellowstone Dog Sledding Adventures in which he has worked a full season as a musher. Previously he has been a horseback guide, trainer, and showman. He has also worked as a heavy equipment operator, Directional drill locator, and a heavy tow truck driver. His hobbies include playing guitar and singing, anything outdoors, skiing, and photography. His journey in life has led him to many amazing places such as the Dakotas, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Iowa, Montana, and now Alaska! Lastly, what led him to join the AIE team is his passion for animals and nature. P.S. he goes by Bear.


Ashley Dove

Ashley Dove is originally from Anchorage, AK, and has been residing in Fairbanks, AK for the past four years. Soon after her first winter in Fairbanks, she got the opportunity to become a dog handler at Crooked Creek Kennel in Easter, and she has been working there for the past three years. Despite being a novice, Ashley began taking dog racing seriously at the start of the 2022-2023 winter season and has since participated in races like Knik 200 and Yukon Quest 300. She is passionate about dog racing and plans to continue racing next season. Ashley believes that working with dogs is a special experience and is grateful for the time she has spent with them.


Claire Greatwood

Claire Greatwood is in her second year of mushing on the Mendenhall and is thrilled for the experience. Claire grew up in Eugene, Oregon and went to college at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee where she is currently a senior studying nursing with a minor in sports medicine. In the past, she has worked seasonally at the stunning Grand Teton National Park and dreams of opening her own backcountry guiding company after graduation. Claire enjoys baking, cooking, and hiking and is eager to spend the summer with the adorable Alaskan Huskies.


Kaytlyn Krish

Kaytlyn Krish is an aspiring sled dog musher with a wealth of experience working with dogs. She spent last summer as a dog handler on the Mendenhall Glacier and was immediately drawn to the world of mushing. This will be her first year as a sled dog tour guide. Kaytlyn has a strong background in dog care, having worked at a humane society in her home state of Michigan and at boarding facilities and daycare centers for dogs. Her love for dogs is evident in everything she does, and she is dedicated to providing the best possible care for her canine companions. Originally from mid-Michigan, Kaytlyn came to Alaska in search of new experiences and the opportunity to meet amazing people. She is excited to continue her journey in the world of mushing and looks forward to sharing her passion for dogs with others.


Luke Dowbiggin

Luke grew up in East Tennessee. Immediately upon finishing his studies in Environmental Sciences, he traveled North in search of adventure. He began his journey working with sled dogs in 2017 on the Mendenhall Glacier. Since then he has continued to mush dogs in Juneau, Colorado, and Oregon. His other interests outside of mushing include photography, climbing, and backpacking. In his own words, “the spirit and drive behind a team of dogs is incredible and will always inspire me to my greatest potential. Mushing is still a very unique sport and way of life, and I look forward to experiencing it with you and educating you about all its rich history.”


Susanah (Suz) Tuminelli

Susannah Tuminelli, also known as Suz, has been a dog musher since 2016. She started guiding mushing trips in Northern Minnesota and quickly fell in love with sled dogs and the adventurous lifestyle that comes with it. In 2018, she relocated permanently to Alaska to pursue her passion for dogs and adventure. Susannah has competed in several mid-distance and long-distance racing competitions, including the Copper Basin 300, Percy De Wolfe 150, Willow 300, Tustumena 200, Two Rivers 200, and the 2021 thousand mile Iditarod race. She currently owns two sled dogs named Ruby and Orion and is working towards her goal of establishing her own racing kennel in Fairbanks. This upcoming winter season will mark her fourth season working for Alaska Icefield Expeditions, guiding dog sled tours on the Mendenhall Glacier.


Zachariah Roberts

In 2012 Zachariah took the adventure of his life, a 2,000+ mile hike that opened his mind to adventure and travel. After working in 5 difference countries at surf lodges and camps he found himself in Alaska on May of 2019. At that time he wanted to switch things up from the heat of the tropics to the cooler weather of Alaska. His first season working with sled dogs was with Gold Rush Dogs Tours based in Juneau, AK, where he learned the basics about dog sledding and the community surrounding it. Little did he know that soon after his first season, his passion for dogs would grow much stronger, and eventually lead him into trading his surfboard for a dog sled. After his second season in Alaska he honed in the skills for training and running a dog sled team. Based out of Oregon and California, Zachariah works with sled dogs and domestic dogs full-time. Zachariah’s passion for dogs, guiding, and creating once-in-a-lifetime adventures is his true passion. “Life wouldn’t’ be as fun without these silly dogs, they truly are what makes life so special!”


Zachary Braley

Zachary Braley joined AIE as a handler in the summer of last year and has been working as a tour guide in Jackson Hole throughout the winter season.

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