Meet The Crew

Sheep Creek – Summer Camp – Juneau

Meet our talented dog mushers who lead thrilling adventures through the breathtaking Sheep Creek – Summer Camp Glacier in Juneau. Learn about their skills, passion, and love for their sled dogs.


Joshua Azevedo

Joshua Azevedo was born in Oregon and has traveled to 36 countries. He splits his time between Utah in the winter and Juneau in the summer. Throughout his travels, he has discovered that working with dogs is the most gratifying experience of all. He finds something truly special about dogsledding, which has a rich history spanning three thousand years. For Joshua, dogsledding is a unique and life-changing experience that provides a sense of aliveness unlike any other.


PHilip Taylor

Philip Taylor grew up on a farm in Ohio and has had the opportunity to explore many outdoor activities in various locations. Despite trying various experiences, he has found that running dogs is his favorite. He is drawn to this activity due to the close bond that he can build with the dogs, and the exciting places they can explore together.

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