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The Denver Glacier – Skagway

Meet our talented dog mushers who lead thrilling adventures through The Denver Glacier in Juneau. Learn about their skills, passion, and love for their sled dogs.

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Nate Gratton

Nathan Gratton owns a small kennel of 19 Alaskan Huskies, along with his wife and three boys. In the winter months, he and his family give tours in Vermont and participate in races on the East Coast. Nathan feels blessed to have spent 10 summers working on the Denver Glacier for Alaska Icefield Expeditions. When given the opportunity to return and share this experience with his family, they were all extremely excited. Packing up all the dogs and kids, they made the 3,800-mile trek back to Alaska. Nathan is looking forward to another summer on the Denver Glacier, watching his dogs do what they love to do.


John Martin Frank

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Jeremy Bers

Jeremy Bers, a mechanical engineering graduate from Baltimore, Maryland, is currently taking some time to explore Alaska and pursue his passion for dog mushing. Having recently completed his studies at Georgia Tech, he is now working as a tour guide at Arctic Winter Adventures in Fairbanks, providing dog sled tours to guests. When not on the trails, he spends his free time learning to play guitar, reading, playing pool, and snowboarding.


John Jenks

John Jenks Jr. is an Alaskan musher who spends most of his time in Skagway and Juneau. He has been mushing for over a year and his goal is to operate his own kennel one day and race professionally. John’s passion for dog sledding is so strong that he feels alive only when he is on the back of his sled. John’s first Alaskan husky, Radical, is a nine-year-old retired sled dog who makes old man noises and is trying to adjust to retirement. When he is not mushing, John enjoys playing guitar and singing in a local Denver band or playing club chess wherever he can find a board. Additionally, he loves getting tattoos and hanging out with weird and interesting people.


Kenna Conley

Kenna is originally from Southeast Arizona, but always felt drawn to the North. At the age of 20, she made the decision to move to Northern Minnesota to learn the art of dog mushing and how to handle the harsh winter climate. Since then, Kenna has never looked back. She now resides in remote Alaska, surrounded by the stunning Wrangell Mountains, which she calls home. With the ultimate goal of owning her own kennel and participating in races, Kenna is currently content with sharing her love and knowledge of mushing with anyone who wants to learn more about the sport.


Michael Dolinar

Michael Dolinar was born and raised in Ohio. In 2019, he made the move to Alaska to pursue a career in dog training. It didn’t take long for him to fall in love with both the sport and the state, and he fully embraced this new lifestyle. In 2021, Michael began racing and has since competed in three mid-distance races. He has also qualified for the Iditarod and looks forward to one day completing the “Last Great Race.”

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